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The Importance of Business Cards: Fundamentals when Designing your Business Card

An introduction, not an essay!

The Importance of Business Cards and what you need to keep in mind when designing your business cards….

Business Cards are a staple for many types of business or service. They require little upkeep in regards to design unless you are rebranding or otherwise looking to refresh your image.

The biggest draw for business cards as an advertising tool is that people are far more likely to keep hold of a business card than a flyer or poster. As they are usually stored in a wallet or purse, they are at least peripherally seen on a regular basis, this tends to keep your company in the back of peoples minds as the memory is reinforced each time they see the card.

However it is important to note that in terms of information to add to your business cards ‘less is more’! Your business card should be concise and to the point.

Your card should :

  • Introduce the company / business
  • Introduce you and your role in the company / business. (Optional)
  • Give a way to get in contact
  • If the service you provide is not clear in your name, consider adding a tagline to highlight this.

If you want to list some of your services, consider going with a double-sided card and trimming and consolidating the items on the list as much as possible. You want to give a brief overview not an exhaustive list of every single item and service available.

Trying to fit too much info onto your card will not only be distracting but can mislead potential clients to think the things listed are the only items / services available.

If you want to cover all your product services, consider adding an address to a website, social media page or handing out a leaflet along with your card. This additional page / leaflet can be used to give a more in-depth overview of your business.

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The Importance of Business Cards | Fundamentals when Designing your Business Card | The Copy Shop

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